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Piotr Sewioł : My passion is my life

Piotr Sewioł
Passion, or a strong passion for something
My passion is my life


It is said – he does it with passion, he gives himself up, he devotes himself immensely. It is worth asking yourself – Is this a healthy symptom? Is it okay? Does it give you satisfaction? And here you should go deeper into the topic

E.g :
Somebody loves antiques and for them the goal in life is to collect them. If this is done in the framework of common sense, it is not enough that he will be happy that he acquired another exhibit for his collection, it still opens the way to other people, where he can exchange for something that interests him, enrich his collections. But not everyone can afford such extravagance, because such a passion is expensive.
Another example :
You have talent for writing, reporting life events, sharing experiences with others, sometimes lost in their human problems, not seeing the way out of difficult situations. Then you enter, describe the problem, give advice, let in a ray of hope. Then you realize your passion, and your recipient sees that not only he found himself in the mire, that in this world are also like him.
These are just two examples, because you can multiply hundreds of them .
I also have my passion since the first time I hit the computer keys. I have always dreamed about my website, but for this I had to have a solid preparation, courses which I was unfortunately unable to afford. To make my dream come true, I tried to do something myself. These were difficult moments, many hours spent at the computer, exploring knowledge about creating such websites. Was it easy? Oh no. There were still errors, my first page was awful, I gave up, I promised myself that it was over! That it was not for me. However, on the second day I sat down to the computer and started everything from the beginning.
And finally, I succeeded, without any courses, without help, only thanks to my stubbornness I achieved the intended goal. Today I can boldly say – you did it to a man, it cost you a lot of sacrifices, but you finally did. Now I have my pages, pampered, but not yet as polished as I dreamed. I can firmly state – I have fulfilled my dream.
You will ask – what do you have ?
So far, great satisfaction, and perhaps once in the pursuit of your passion will be profits.
You will ask – and what can we, the recipients, have from you ?
I will answer – I gather valuable information for you, I give you checked recipes, I advise you. Thanks to my websites, you can shorten your time, which is very valuable these days, which means you can shorten your time to search for different solutions to problems that bother you. On my site everyone will find something for themselves, be it an ordinary housewife or a young man trying to solve their problem, perhaps financial, but also ordinary life. By entering my site, you do not have to pay anything, there is no compulsion to use what is there. You just go in, click on the subject and read, and whether I meet your expectations depends only on you.
My name is Piotr Sewioł, I am 34 years old and have a lot of knowledge which I have achieved without anyone’s help.
Now I want to share this knowledge with you. Will it not be a mutual satisfaction? I think it will be.


Greetings and have a good day !
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